For years, lacrosse players were forced to come up with their own methods of widening  their lacrosse stick heads.  While rudimentary tools such as: tuna cans, hockey pucks, and softballs were most commonly used, none of these provided reassurance that the head was being properly expanded.  Not only was the distance of expansion unknown, but the item used to put pressure against the inner walls of the head may not have been sturdy enough or been able to provide uniform pressure.  In short, there simply wasn’t a proper tool for the job………until now.

FlexForce has been specifically designed, tested and manufactured to correctly and uniformly widen a lacrosse head back to a game-legal, desired distance.

No more shots in the dark.  FlexForce gives you the edge you need.

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Problem: WITHHOLDING. Stuck in Crosse”

Solution: FlexForce

There are several lacrosse rules that address the issue of withholding. Three situations when the ball is stuck in the crosse can occur: when the ball is stuck in the front, in the back, or in or under the head of the stick which is not player possession.  In short, if the ball is defying the laws of gravity and the player cannot get the ball out of the stick in one motion, it is a violation and a turnover to the opponent. Typically, if the player who wins the face-off has the ball stuck in the backside of their stick, they have one step to pop the ball out to themselves or a teammate or it is a violation.  FlexForce will widen a lacrosse head that has been pinched beyond the manufacturer’s optimal distance to avoid these violations. Whether your lacrosse stick is being used for face-offs, to scoop up ground balls, or in backyard practice or games, the head tends to bend and warp over time.  This unfortunately causes the head to pinch.

The area near the top of the “pocket” should measure 3.5 inches from inner wall to inner wall. FlexForce is designed to easily slide into the lacrosse head and widen this area to a distance of 3.75 inches. Flexforce is wider than the manufacturer’s optimal distance since the stick head will collapse slightly once the FlexForce is removed.

The angled shape of FlexForce allows you to gradually slide it into the head, expanding the walls, and eventually locking it into place to obtain full expansion. Extruded “ribs” on the lower sides of Flexforce are designed to help properly align the product and prevent it from sliding out of the head.

FlexForce is made from a Polycarbonate and ABS mix which is extremely, dimensionally stable and provides superior strength and heat resistance, along with tremendous durability.

Additional information

Weight .195 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 2.75 × 2 in
FlexForce Options

Standard Flexforce, Standard FlexForce 2.0, Custom 1" Circle, Custom Front and Back, FlexForce 2.0 Custom Front and Back, FlexForce Display Stand


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