Tom “TJ” Herbert, Founder of FlexForce

Tom “TJ” Herbert, Founder of FlexForce:

Have you ever experienced the common problem of a lacrosse head being too pinched? I sure have… Throughout my years of playing and coaching, I have seen players face this problem and search for a way to overcome it. Lacrosse players, and especially FOGO’s, will do anything to fix their favorite pinched lacrosse head so that it is legal again.

While I was coaching my Junior Varsity lacrosse team, I was working with the face off guys and kept running into a problem; something that I have run into many times before… The ball kept getting stuck in one of my player’s stick… Players have always had to come up with their own way to overcome this problem, usually with a softball. If they could not solve this problem, they were more than likely going to get called for a violation or even stop using the head completely.

The next day at work, the idea popped in my head and I ran with it. I began to design a lacrosse head using Solidworks, a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Once the lacrosse head was finished, I now had to design a product that could simply solve this problem; that is when FlexForce became the solution to the problem. Through various prototypes that I 3D printed and feedback from various players testing these initial prototypes, I have finally come out with the first production model which is injection molded out of an extremely durable plastic alloy. Additionally, FlexForce is both utility and design patented!