Rocket Mesh Lacrosse

Have you gotten your hands on your very own custom butt end? If not, check out their site www.rocket-mesh.com to check out their butt ends and all they have to offer! Beginning our work with the great team at @rocketmeshlax and excited to receive some personalized butt ends! Wish someone offered these back when we played lacrosse! Fully customizable and you also have the option of different types of butt ends, which is great as players may prefer a different feeling on their bottom hand!

FlexForce Timeline

A little timeline showing the development of the FlexForce. From the first prototype designed on April, 4 2019 to the final product which is now for sale!
All prototypes were 3D Printed and the final product is Injection Molded. #3dprinting #additivemanufacturing #manufacturing #design #print #innovation #productdesign #3dprinted #forsale #timeline #injection #prototypes #designed #prototype #product

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